The Best Rear View Cameras To Place In Your Car


Rear view cameras, as their name suggests, are devices that are placed in the back of the car , usually at the height of the trunk, for greater safety when parking or reversing. Many cars have it built in, but they can be installed in virtually any vehicle with ease.

From 2022, all new cars launched on the market must incorporate the rear camera . Moreover, the DGT recommends installing it in old vehicles that do not have it due to the security it provides. Not only does it make maneuvering and parking easier, it also prevents accidents by having a much clearer view of pedestrians who may pass behind the car. It is the way to eliminate blind spots , because the rear-view mirrors do not allow you to see clearly everything that is happening, especially if there are small children or pets behind the vehicle.

Its installation is very simple and all of them have a good viewing angle, high resolution and quality . They are also resistant to water to continue using them on rainy days, precisely when extreme caution is necessary. Its cables allow you to connect the camera to the screen of your vehicle and some even incorporate a separate monitor that can be easily placed anywhere in the car.

Ezonetronics rear view camera
This Ezonetronics rear view camera is of high definition, as it offers 420 TV lines, which provides excellent vision and a clear image . The 170-degree viewing angle completely eliminates any blind spots, thus reducing danger and making any maneuver much safer. It also incorporates the 1/4-inch color CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 628 x 582 pixels that ensures great HD and night vision . This allows you to see clearly in the dark and at night in order to avoid accidents due to lack of lighting.

Nor will you have to worry in case of rain or if you wash your car , because the camera has the IP68 waterproof level , which guarantees water resistance. It is very easy to use due to its small size . Its power supply is DC 12V, so it is compatible with cars, trucks and vans with the same power supply.

Rear View Camera Vigorflyrun Parts LTD
This rear view camera from Vigorflyrun Parts LTD stands out for its accessories: a parking sensor next to the camera and a parking monitor that is also used as an interior rear view mirror. The camera is of high quality and parking is much easier thanks to the parking sensor . It will start emitting an acoustic signal when the distance to the car behind or to any object is less than 1.5 meters.

The cable to connect the camera to the car is 6 meters long . It also incorporates a rearview mirror that has a small screen in the central part with direct connection to the rear camera. The monitor measures 4.3 inches and allows you to view the rear view image and distance simultaneously. It is compatible with any rearview monitor.

Camecho Wide Angle Rear View Camera
Camecho’s rear view camera can also function as the front or side view of the vehicle. It offers a 170º angle and high definition in order to help parking and eliminate blind spots. This helps protect the car from small objects that might not otherwise be seen, as well as small children or pets. The viewing angle is very wide thanks to its wide angle , which allows parking and reversing safely.

It offers perfect night vision as well as water resistance. The clarity and functionality is amazing at night and in bad weather. The power supply that it incorporates is DC 12V, with video cable connection. Its operation is really simple and also its installation thanks to the 6-meter cable that it incorporates.

Kuuleyn ruler rear view camera
It has a wide viewing angle -170 degrees-, high definition and a 1/6 3063 image sensor. It has a horizontal resolution of 480 TV lines and a detection area of ​​3.8 x 2.9 millimeters. Kuuleyn’s camera is made of the best quality ABS materials , with high precision, stable performance and high sensitivity. It is designed to solve the problem of poor rear view of the car, which helps in parking and also reduces accidents.

The camera is equipped with a scale for each car, which makes maneuvering much easier . Its design is small, compact and elegant, so you will hardly notice that it is in place . Its installation is very simple, since it adapts perfectly to any vehicle. It is waterproof and vision is also good in rain, storm or any other bad weather.

Rear view camera with monitor from Xinyida
The rear view camera offers a 170º angle to facilitate parking, 4 IR LEDs for night vision , as well as resistance to water and rain. In addition, it also includes a 5-inch monitor to be able to observe the rear of the car. It is perfectly adjustable and offers a high resolution of 800 x 480, full color display, low power consumption , as well as adjustable brightness and contrast. Also support car DVD, STB camera, satellite receiver or any other video equipment.

The monitor has two video inputs with two cables to connect to the different parts of the camera. It is compatible with the vast majority of vehicles, although with an operating voltage of 12-24 V. When there is no video signal, the screen turns black, as if it were turned off, to avoid distractions at the wheel.