This Is How Real Estate Bargains Are Against Inflation


The idea of ​​having your own house in Spain is almost impossible . That’s right, prices in our country, whether to rent or to buy, are increasing. To the point that they reach historical figures. However, there are alternatives or bargains that can give us a hand in these dark economic times.

In figures, buying a second-hand home in Spain costs, on average, 1,988 euros/m2 . The price of houses has increased in August by 5.2% compared to the same month last year, according to data from the Fotocasa Real Estate Index.

If we want to rent the outlook does not improve, the average rental price in Spain was 10.19 euros per square meter, 4.73% more than a year ago and around half a percentage point less compared to July, according to the report monthly rental prices prepared by

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Despite this dark panorama, we can access techniques or methods of real estate bargains that can make us fulfill the dream of our own home.

Despite the hostility of the market in this matter, there are certain alternatives to be able to access benefits and good conditions to find a house and be able to buy it . Here we leave a guide that has been made by the web portal to find out how to find these bargains for homes.

bank housing
One way to find houses for less than 30,000 euros is through the offers of flats made available by banks . These homes usually have a lower price than the rest that are sold between individuals or real estate agencies.

The web portal clarifies that “searching on these platforms of banking entities does not mean accessing a smaller catalog of offers. Quite the contrary. Currently there are a lot of web pages with the best repossessed houses from banks . All homes available are owned by the different banking entities and are for sale at prices lower than market value”.

Premade houses
On the other hand, there are the always well-considered prefabricated houses. Its price, which is usually lower than that of traditional homes , is one more option to consider if you hope to find a real estate bargain. The offer is wide, you can find for less than 30,000 euros and so on , depending on what you want from the wide range of catalogues.

legacy floors
Is another option. Homes from inheritance usually have a lower price than other properties because the owners are interested in “getting rid” of them as soon as possible, explains the real estate portal. “They represent an interesting asset to invest in flats and to be able to sign the operation with better conditions, among them, the price”.

Characteristics and location of the home
The characteristics and location of the home have a decisive influence on the final price. That the house is in an urban sector, supposes a higher investment than if it is in a more rural area with fewer inhabitants. The number of rooms, the fact that it has land, the equipment of the house and other extra services also make the price of real estate more expensive.