Zafra Pork Macro-Slaughterhouse Protagonist At The Zafra International Livestock Fair


7 companies from the meat sector have come together to create the macro-slaughterhouse in Zafra (Badajoz), they hope to slaughter some 300,000 pigs a year at the beginning and reach 400,000, in the same way it is planned to export to more than 35 countries.

Extremadura is one of the great producers of Iberian pigs in this country, in this region 40% of the total production of Iberian pigs in Spain is raised , a region accustomed to exporting this raw material and which will now be an importer of pigs, this will mean a turning point in a priority sector in the region.

At the inauguration of the International Livestock Fair of Zafra and 569 Traditional of San Miguel, the president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, threw the glove on the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Luis Planas to inaugurate this important commitment that will be a shock to the area, who accepted the invitation due to its importance.

This was at the inauguration, but also the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory of the Junta de Extremadura, Begoña García Bernal, is highlighting during this event the importance of this macro-slaughterhouse, which will develop the entire pig sector in general and the Iberian in particular.

It is expected that the inauguration will allow the development of a large part of this year’s montanera, Extremadura, cradle of the dehesa and the Iberian pig, a region where it traditionally took its pigs so that their transformation could be done in other places, since this macro-slaughterhouse opens its doors the situation will be reversed so that the transformation will be able to invigorate and attract many more companies.

The new slaughterhouse will be located in a 500,000 m2 farm and will create more than 100 direct jobs. Likewise, it will be a significant boost to the region’s GDP and will promote socioeconomic dynamism for the entire region.

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