Santander And Mapfre, Two Financial Dividends That Give Up To 4%


Banco Santander and Mapfre will occupy the seat vacated this week by BBVA and Grupo Catalana Occidente after paying their shareholders in the EcoDividendo portfolio, prepared by elEconomista . The entity chaired by Ana Botín confirmed that it will maintain the same remuneration policy for the second consecutive year, with a payout ratio of 40% that will be divided equally between a cash dividend and another part in share repurchase. Check here the schedule of upcoming dividends

Payment in cash will take place on November 2 for an amount of 0.0583 euros gross per share. At current prices rent 2.4%. The last day to access this subscription will be the session on Friday, October 28, since the following Monday the entity’s titles will already be listed ex-dividend. Additionally, the bank has approved a share repurchase program of 979 million euros , equivalent to 20% of the profit that the entity obtained in the first half of the year, worth 4,894 million euros.

The consensus foresees a second dividend amounting to 0.06 euros, payable in April, which would raise the dividend yield for Santander in 2022 to close to 5%, with an annual payment of more than 11 cents per share. Charged to 2021 – the first year in which European banks were able to resume a pre-pandemic remuneration policy – this amounted to 0.10 euros.

Considering that the other half will be paid in kind through the repurchase of shares, in total, Santander’s buyback could amount to close to 1,800 million euros based on the payment already announced for the first half of the year and the forecast of profits for 2022. Analysts expect profits to be close to 8,900 million euros, 9.4% higher than 2021. If the amount of the repurchase is confirmed, it will be 6% higher than the 1,706 million it allocated last year to acquire shares own.

Mapfre will raise its payment by 3%
Mapfre ‘s dividend is one of the most profitable in the entire Spanish stock market, with a return of more than 9% charged to the current financial year. In the absence of official confirmation, the consensus foresees that the first payment of the insurer for the current year will take place on November 29, although to access it it would be necessary to have shares before the 25th of that same month. The forecast is for a dividend of 0.063 euros, which yields 4% at current prices. A second payment is also expected for May for an amount of 0.088 euros.

If the estimates are fulfilled, the Mapfre dividend charged to 2022 would amount to 0.151 euros, which would mean a payment 3% higher than the 0.1463 of 2021, despite the fact that a profit cut of more than 100 is expected. million – the equivalent of a drop of 15% compared to last year, when it earned 765 million. A net result of 650 million is expected, which should raise the payout beyond 70% with current estimates.