76% Retail Trade Sees Their Business In Danger Due To Economic Context


76% of retail trade sees their business in danger due to the economic context. A quarter of the European retail trade is still not sure if it faces the final stretch of the year with optimism or not given the situation of uncertainty posed by the current economic context. However, in the case of Spain, 76% of retail businesses consider that their businesses are in danger.

The report prepared by Ankortstore, the European marketplace specializing in retail, reveals that despite the fact that the Spanish are the most optimistic about their prospects for increasing sales for the remainder of the year (70%), they are also the ones who are most affected by factors such as reduced purchasing power of consumers (70%), competition from large chains and e-commerce websites (70%), and rising energy prices (41%) .

After more than two years of pandemic and in a context of rising inflation, European independent trade faces the last months of the year as a crucial moment in its income statement. For 87% of European independent retailers, year-end sales represent the most important commercial event of the year, followed by summer (40%) and Mother’s Day (32%).

To face the end of the year with better results , 63% of European businesses will reduce their energy consumption, more than half (54%) will reinforce their communication through social networks and flyers, and 47% will choose to limit stocks and replenish them at the last minute.