Torrealta and Roman Bull The Highlight


In the bullfights called contest of ranches, the ranchers are supposed to send the best of their pantry. Rigorous selection of bulls, by presence and leash, as mandated by such an expensive commitment. All this is supposed, I say. Then, it is already known, what each bull carries inside is an enigma only revealed when it is fought. And, also, you have to take care of the fight and its details. Above all, the third of varas, fundamental luck to gauge the bravery of the bull. In this case, the land where it was to be executed was delimited and, from the second line to the center of the ring, three equal sections to put the bulls in luck. From less to more, from the first punch to the third. The idea was respected, and each bull complied according to his conditions.

The jackpot of the bullfight contest came out early and there was hardly any waiting. He was the first, from Torrealta, named “Glider”, red-eyed partridge, short and with a lot of face. He lived up to his name and planned to ride the horse three times, each from the three stretches painted in the sand. His start in the second and third staves was a show, happy, far away and well measured punishment by Santiago Morales “Chocolate”. He allowed himself to be banderilleado without further ado, and did not lower the level of his qualities on the crutch. Soon, with zeal in the attack, happy with a tempered Roman ahead.

To quote from afar, Roman made the bull shine throughout the task. In this work, with hardly any edges, the natives had rhythm. Not even a protest from the bull, which he repeated charging from afar every time Roman showed him the crutch. Long task, ending in close quarters, with inverted circulars and final bernadines. The bull took a long time to fall and in the drag he received the ovation of the afternoon. The bull of the bullfight. Definitely.

The pedrea went to the bull from Pedraza de Yeltes, long and tall in build, which was also played by Roman. Three entrances to the horse, refusing to leave the first. And very long, at the hydrant, the other two. New show. Gala ovation for “El Puchano”, architect of the luck of another brilliant stubborn rod, although catching a bull was not easy because of the speed with which he started. But alas, this bull paid the bill very soon. He did not want a long crutch, Roman insisted on it, and he had more delivery in the short distance. With a provocative Román, the task was lively and very laborious when squaring the bull.

The four remaining bulls did not add points. The second from tamed on sticks, waited on banderillas and it cost him a world to take the crutch. He did not humiliate and entertained himself by releasing a defeat at the end of each. Álvaro Lorenzo tried dully.

The fifth promised. He went long on the second stick and scored a lot of nobility on the crutch. Lorenzo’s work, linear, was going up when in a bad move, the bull was injured. There was no way to get him back and he had to be stabbed.

The third, by Adolfo Martín, was noble and obedient. Of beautiful presence, he did not meet expectations or where he came from. As he passed he went to the horse and complied without further ado. He did not raise any issues with the crutch, he was even bland and faced an Isaac Fonseca with a lot of attitude. Always closely, he got everything possible out of her. But no emotion. From sixth the bull of El Tajo jumped. Another beautiful specimen. Chestnut with spectacular antlers. Very serious. But he stayed at that, just a facade. He did not go beyond discreet in sticks, he fell short in banderillas and began to protest ahead of time. Fonseca was able to put some emotion in the initial knees, but there was not much more to scratch. The Aztec saved the ballot with dignity. Lots of will.

The established prizes were for the bull from Torrealta, as the best in the bullfight, the banderillero Rafael González as the most outstanding bullfighter, and Chocolate for the best picador.