USA: 90,000 Homes Lost Power, A Plane Became The Reason


The widespread power outages are usually caused by bad weather or technical fault. However, this case is different. In this, due to one plane, there was darkness in thousands of homes and institutions.

One-fourth of homes and institutions in Montgomery County in Maryland, USA, lost power late Sunday night. A small plane crashed on electric wires, causing darkness in 90,000 homes. Thankfully, no one has lost their lives and no one has been injured in the accident.

Police confirmed the Incident:
The Montgomery County Police Department tweeted that a small plane crashed into power lines in the area of ​​Rothbury Dr & Goshen Road, causing a power outage in parts of the county.

Two pilots stuck on wires:
A Mooney Mike 20P single-engine aircraft crashed into a powerline near Rothbury Drive and Goshen Road. Two people were trapped in the plane hanging about 100 feet in the air. According to the Maryland State Police, the pilot has been identified as Patrick Merkle, 65, of Washington DC and Jane Williams, 66, of Louisiana. Which were later taken off safely.

Accident Investigation Under Process:
The accident happened near a commercial area due to the rainy season, however, the reason is still unknown. It is estimated that the aircraft hit the line up to 10 floors up. The plane crash is being investigated.