Anupam Mittal anticipates that “doomsday forecasts” won’t come true in the SVB collapse. Why is this


Anupam Mittal, the founder and CEO of Indian conglomerate People Group, has recently expressed his optimism that the “doomsday” predictions of the collapse of the Indian economy due to the coronavirus crisis will not come true.

Mittal believes that India’s economy is resilient and that it will be able to recover from the crisis. He cites India’s large population and its ability to quickly recover from natural disasters and economic downturns as two of the main reasons for his optimism.

Mittal also believes that the Indian government’s swift response to the crisis has been effective in containing the spread of the virus. He believes that the government’s timely implementation of various measures, such as lockdown, travel restrictions, and testing, has been key in curbing the spread of the virus.

Finally, Mittal believes that India’s economy is well-positioned to bounce back quickly due to the strong fundamentals in place. He points out that the Indian government has taken several measures to ensure that businesses can quickly recover, such as providing liquidity support and fiscal stimulus. He believes that these measures will help businesses to get back on their feet and start creating jobs again.