Notwithstanding billing issues, Nepal Telecom and Asian Info come to an arrangement.


Nepal Telecom (NT) and Chinese company Asian Info Technology (AIT) have reached an agreement with one another despite billing problems in the past. The agreement was signed between both sides in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MOCIT) and Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA).

Under the agreement, NT will now provide billing services to AIT and the company will be able to use the services of NT to promote and market its products and services in Nepal.

NT had been facing billing problems and was unable to provide services to AIT for over a year. This issue was also discussed during the meeting in presence of the MOCIT and NTA officials.

The agreement will benefit both parties and will enable AIT to offer its services in Nepal without any disruption or billing issues. It will also help Nepal Telecom to expand its services and attract more customers.