Analysis: Syria’s chances of recovering from the earthquake as the civil conflict approaches its 13th year are dwindling


The Syrian civil war has been raging for 13 years, and the prospects for rebuilding after a devastating earthquake in the region look grim. The conflict has caused immense destruction, displacement, and death throughout the country, and the lack of stability is preventing much-needed reconstruction efforts. The earthquake that struck in 2020 killed dozens of people and damaged or destroyed thousands of homes. The already fragile infrastructure has been further weakened by the war, making it difficult for relief and aid to reach the affected areas.

The lack of a unified government and the presence of multiple armed groups have hindered the ability to access and distribute aid. In addition, the severe economic crisis in Syria has created shortages of resources and materials needed to rebuild. The international community has been unable to provide sufficient support due to the continued fighting and numerous political obstacles.

The future of Syria’s recovery from the earthquake is uncertain. Without a political solution to the conflict, the ability to rebuild and repair the damaged infrastructure is uncertain. The Syrian people have endured immense hardship, and without a path towards peace, the prospects of rebuilding the country seem bleak.