A London court has ordered Lenovo to pay $138.7 million for the InterDigital patents


On April 10th, 2021, a London court ordered Chinese technology giant Lenovo to pay $138.7 million to InterDigital Inc. for infringing on the company’s patents. InterDigital Inc. is a US-based research and development company that focuses on mobile and video technologies.

The dispute between the two companies dates back to 2018, when InterDigital Inc. filed a lawsuit against Lenovo in the UK. The company claimed that Lenovo had infringed on several of its patents related to 3G and 4G cellular communication technology. Lenovo denied the allegations, but the court eventually ruled in InterDigital’s favor.

Lenovo has been ordered to pay the hefty sum of $138.7 million to InterDigital Inc., which is significantly more than the $50 million InterDigital had originally asked for. It is unclear if Lenovo will appeal the court’s decision.