According to reports, Pakistan’s ISI is the driving force behind Amritpal Singh’s return to India


The alleged role of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in pushing Amritpal Singh, an Indian national, back to India after he crossed the border in search of a job has been reported in the media. According to reports, Singh was reportedly lured to Pakistan with the promise of a good job and was kept in captivity for several weeks. He was allegedly tortured and threatened with death if he did not agree to return to India. Singh eventually returned to India in April 2017.

The ISI has been accused of using its network of contacts in India to lure young men to cross the border and then use them as pawns to further its agenda. The ISI reportedly used the same tactic to lure Singh to Pakistan, and then threatened him with death if he did not comply with their orders.

It is believed that the ISI has been using these tactics for many years in order to gain intelligence about India’s security apparatus and to gain leverage in future negotiations. The ISI’s alleged role in Singh’s case is a reminder of the dangers posed by the intelligence agency and its activities.