Applying to international universities? Check out the TOEFL 6-point cheatsheet here

  1. Understand the TOEFL exam: The TOEFL exam is an English language proficiency test used by many universities and organizations around the world to determine if a student is qualified to study in an English-speaking institution.
  2. Know the test format: The TOEFL exam is composed of four sections – reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each section has a different scoring system, and the total score is based on the combined performance of all four sections.
  3. Prepare for the exam: Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to study for the TOEFL exam. Use online practice tests, review guides, and other resources to get an understanding of the material and practice your English language skills.
  4. Choose the right test date: When you are applying to foreign universities, it is important to choose the right test date. Make sure you sign up for the test with enough time before the application deadline.
  5. Take the test: On the day of the test, make sure to arrive early and be prepared for the exam. Read through the instructions carefully and answer the questions to the best of your ability.
  6. Follow up: After you have taken the TOEFL exam, make sure to follow up with your score report. This will help you know how you performed and if you need to retake the exam.