Jet Airways CEO mocks Indian metro stations as “artless concrete eyesores.”


Jet Airways CEO Vinay Dube has been trolled on social media for calling Indian metro stations “artless concrete eyesores.” Dube made the comment during an event in Bengaluru, where he was discussing the need for public-private partnerships to improve the aesthetics of public infrastructure. While he admitted that metro stations across India were built with speed in mind, he argued that they lacked aesthetic appeal.

The comment did not go down well with many, who called out Dube for his “elitist and insensitive” remarks. They pointed to the fact that the metro stations are affordable, safe and efficient, and that the infrastructure is much better than the buses and autorickshaws that many people rely on to get around.

The backlash prompted Dube to issue an apology on Twitter, saying he was “sorry if my words hurt sentiments” and that he had “no intention of doing so.” He also acknowledged the “incredible progress” India has made in terms of public infrastructure and expressed his admiration for the metro system.

Despite the apology, Dube’s comments have sparked a debate about the importance of aesthetics when it comes to infrastructure. While some feel that public works should prioritize efficiency over aesthetics, others argue that aesthetics should be given equal importance, as it can help to create a sense of pride and community.