Police raid Imran Khan’s Lahore home, turning it into a battleground- 10 updates

  1. Pakistani police raided Imran Khan’s Lahore house on Tuesday, in a move to enforce the country’s anti-encroachment laws.
  2. The police action took place after Khan refused to remove a wall around his property, which was allegedly erected without permission.
  3. Heavy contingents of police and anti-encroachment staff were deployed to the scene and a large number of personnel surrounded the residence.
  4. The police reportedly used tear gas and baton charges to disperse the large crowd of supporters that had gathered outside Khan’s residence.
  5. According to reports, Khan’s supporters pelted stones at the police in an attempt to resist the raid.
  6. The police have since removed the wall from the property and sealed Khan’s residence.
  7. Khan had previously been issued several warnings by the provincial government to remove the wall from his property.
  8. Khan has accused the government of targeting him in a politically-motivated move and has denied any wrongdoing.
  9. Reports suggest that Khan has been served notice to appear in court over the incident.
  10. The incident has sparked a debate over the use of police force and the enforcement of anti-encroachment laws in Pakistan.