The Meloni government in Italy restricts the rights of same-sex parents, sparking massive protests


The announcement by the Meloni government in Italy of a proposed law restricting the rights of same-sex couples to be considered legal parents of their children has sparked massive protests across the country.

LGBTQ+ activists have expressed outrage at the proposed law, which would limit the rights of same-sex couples to be considered the legal parents of their children. Activists have noted that the proposed law would leave children in same-sex families in a vulnerable position, as the law would not guarantee them the same legal rights as children born to heterosexual couples.

In response to the proposed law, thousands of people have taken to the streets of Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and other cities to protest. The protests have been largely peaceful, though there have been incidents of violence in some cities.

The protests come as the Meloni government is facing increasing criticism for its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many protesters calling for the government to focus on more pressing issues than restricting the rights of same-sex couples.