A dispute about aesthetics is sparked by a tweet from Jet Airlines’ incoming CEO contrasting the metro systems in Dubai and India


The tweet from Jet Airways CEO-designate that compared the metro stations of Dubai and India has triggered a lively debate about aesthetics on social media. The tweet, posted by the airline’s CEO-designate, Vinay Dube, showed a photo of a typical metro station in Dubai alongside another of a much more dilapidated one in India.

The photo was captioned “Aesthetics is important,” and sparked a debate about the importance of aesthetics in public infrastructure. Some users argued that the photo implied that Indian infrastructure is subpar, while others argued that aesthetics are important and that India’s infrastructure is in need of improvement.

Other users defended the tweet, arguing that the CEO-designate was simply emphasizing the importance of aesthetics, and that it was not meant to be a criticism of India. Some users also pointed out the progress India has made in terms of infrastructure, and argued that the tweet should be viewed as an opportunity to continue to push for better public infrastructure. Overall, the tweet has opened up a lively debate about the importance of aesthetics in public infrastructure, and the need for better infrastructure in India.