Pakistan’s Sindh Food Authority is charged with corruption and failing to uphold quality


The Sindh Food Authority (SFA) has been accused of corruption and not ensuring quality standards in food safety.

The accusation came from a report of the Sindh Assembly’s Standing Committee on Food, which was presented in the Assembly on Friday.

The report stated that the SFA had failed to carry out its duties and responsibilities in a transparent and effective manner. It also highlighted the lack of monitoring and inspection by the authority and the incidence of corruption and nepotism in the selection of officers and staff.

The committee expressed concern over the “poor performance” of the SFA and recommended that the provincial government take action against those responsible.

The report also recommended the formation of a committee comprising representatives from the provincial government, SFA and the food industry to ensure that the food safety standards are maintained in the province.

The committee also recommended that the SFA should be given more powers to ensure compliance of food safety standards in the province.