SRAM & MRAM Group of the UK will sign an MoU and invest $100 million in SpiceXpress


The University of Cambridge-based SRAM & MRAM Group has announced that it will be investing $100 million in SpiceXpress, a cargo airline service promoted by Indian low-cost airline SpiceJet. The investment will be used to expand the airline’s fleet and enhance its operations.

The two companies have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore new opportunities in the cargo sector. Under the agreement, the SRAM & MRAM Group will provide SpiceXpress with operational and strategic advice to help them grow their business. The two companies will also collaborate on the development of new aircraft technologies, such as the SRAM & MRAM Group’s proprietary supersonic jet engine.

The investment is expected to help SpiceXpress expand its services to more destinations around the world and increase its cargo capacity. It will also help the company explore new routes, including long-haul destinations.

SpiceXpress currently operates over 70 flights a day and is one of the largest cargo airlines in the country. The investment from the SRAM & MRAM Group will help the company to become a global leader in the cargo industry.