“Train Fruit Pickers And Lorry Drivers To Cut Migration,” says UK Minister Suella Braverman


UK Minister Suella Braverman has proposed a plan to tackle illegal migration into the United Kingdom by training fruit pickers and lorry drivers to reduce the incentives for migrants to make dangerous journeys to the UK.

The plan is to train workers in countries of origin, before they make the journey to the UK. This will give them the skills and knowledge to work in the UK. It is hoped that by offering employment, migrants will be less likely to risk their lives to enter the UK.

The government also hopes that by providing training in fruit picking and lorry driving, it will reduce the demand for illegal migrants to enter the UK, by providing a legal and safe route for people to enter the country.

The plan has been met with some criticism, such as the idea that the training will be too costly and that it is unlikely to reduce illegal migration. However, the UK government is still pushing forward with the plan and has committed £30 million to fund the initiative.