Washington Is Determined To Regulate AI, But How?


Washington is determined to regulate AI in a variety of ways.

1. Establishing guidelines for the responsible use of AI: The US Government is working to establish guidelines for the responsible use of AI. This includes guidelines for data collection, usage, and storage, as well as the development of algorithms and models to ensure fairness and accuracy.

2. Monitoring AI-enabled systems: The US Government is also working to monitor AI-enabled systems to ensure that they are being used responsibly and ethically. This could include tracking the use of facial recognition technology, for example, to make sure it is not being used to violate people’s privacy or civil rights.

3. Investing in research: The US Government is investing in research to better understand the potential risks and benefits of AI. This includes research into the potential impacts of AI on job displacement, economic inequality, and consumer protection.

4. Engaging with stakeholders: The US Government is engaging with a variety of stakeholders, including industry, academia, and civil society groups, to ensure that the responsible use of AI is being addressed.

5. Developing legal frameworks: The US Government is also working to develop legal frameworks to ensure that AI-enabled systems are compliant with existing laws and regulations. This includes developing laws to protect consumer data and privacy.