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The upcoming runoff polls for Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on June 24 are expected to shape the future of the country and its relations with the United States and other nations.

For the U.S., Erdoğan’s victory could mean a crucial ally in the Middle East and a counterweight to Iran. It could also mean a more reliable partner to help manage the war in Syria. For Europe, it may mean a more reliable partner in curbing the flow of refugees.

Erdoğan’s opponents see him as an increasingly authoritarian leader whose government has been linked to economic mismanagement, human rights violations, and a weakening press freedom. His victory would likely mean continued restrictions on civil liberties and a further erosion of democracy.

For the world, the outcome of the runoff election will be a crucial indicator of the future of Turkey and its role in the global community. It could also provide insight into the power of authoritarian rule in the region and the implications for the U.S., Europe, and other nations.