Lebanese criticise the opulent US embassy in Beirut


The lavish new US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon has been met with condemnation from many Lebanese. The $1 billion embassy complex is located in the heart of the city and has been described as “ostentatious” by some.

Many are concerned that the money used to construct the embassy could have been better spent on Lebanese infrastructure and services. They argue that the US Embassy, with its luxurious design and expensive features, is a stark contrast to the poverty and instability that plagues many parts of the country.

The embassy, which is the largest and most expensive US Embassy in the world, is seen by some as a symbol of US imperialism and a reminder of its long history of intervention in the region.

At a time when Lebanese citizens are struggling to make ends meet, the embassy has been criticized for its “insensitivity” and “disrespect” to the people of Lebanon.

However, the US Embassy has defended its construction, arguing that it is a sign of a commitment to the people of Lebanon. It has also argued that the complex will provide jobs and economic opportunities for Lebanese citizens.