Live updates on Pakistani news: Imran Khan gets called by the Lahore ATC on May 19 in a terrorism investigation


The Pakistani government has confirmed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was called by the Lahore Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on May 19 in connection with a terrorism investigation. The government said that Khan was “invited” to appear before the court and that he was “not under any investigation.”

The ATC has reportedly requested Khan’s presence in the court to answer questions related to a terror financing case. The case involves alleged misuse of funds from a charitable organization that Khan formerly chaired.

The ATC has issued a notice to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, calling on Khan to appear before the court on June 20. Khan has not yet responded to the notice.

The government has said that the Prime Minister is not under any investigation and is ready to answer any questions posed by the court. Khan’s legal team is reportedly preparing a response to the ATC’s notice.

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