new Vatican charity leader After the papal dismissals, Caritas turns to the future


The new head of the Vatican’s charity arm, Caritas Internationalis, said he is looking to the future following the surprise firings of two senior officials by Pope Francis.

In an interview with the Catholic News Agency, Bishop Boniface Choi Ki-san, who was recently appointed as the secretary-general of Caritas, said he hopes to bring a new vision to the organization and to help it become more effective in its mission of helping the poor and vulnerable around the world.

Bishop Choi said he will focus on the core mission of Caritas, which is to “serve the poor and vulnerable.” He also said he will work to ensure that the organization is able to bring about positive, lasting changes that benefit those it serves.

The bishop added that he plans to strengthen the organization’s ties with local churches and other charitable organizations, while also working to ensure that the contributions of Caritas are properly recognized and that its work is properly supported.

Bishop Choi was appointed to the position earlier this month after Pope Francis fired two senior officials associated with Caritas, including its president, Cardinal Robert Sarah. The firings have been seen as a sign that Pope Francis is looking to bring a new direction to the organization and to ensure that it is able to better address the needs of the world’s poor and vulnerable.