North Italian cities were flooded by rain-swollen rivers; Venice was getting ready to erect a moveable dike in the lagoon


As of March 2021, some towns in northern Italy have been flooded due to heavy rains and rising rivers. The worst-hit areas are in the country’s northeast, including Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions. The heavy rains have also caused flooding in Venice, with water levels reaching 1.54 meters above sea level, the highest in five years. To protect the city, the authorities are preparing to raise a mobile dike in the lagoon, which will be used to block the high tide. The elevated dike will be in place for several days, and teams of engineers are on standby to monitor the situation. In addition to the mobile dike, the authorities are also preparing other measures to protect the city, such as the installation of temporary barriers and the use of pumps to remove water from the streets.