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One of the architects of the UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme is urging the government to recreate the initiative for refugees from Sudan.

The scheme provided temporary shelter and support for over 50,000 Ukrainian citizens during the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The architect, Dr. Alexander Matviyenko, believes this model could be adapted for Sudanese refugees, providing a much-needed safe haven for those affected by the civil war.

He has called on the UK government to partner with local Sudanese organisations and NGOs to provide emergency housing, medical care, food and basic services, such as sanitation, to those affected by the conflict.

Dr. Matviyenko believes the UK should also commit to providing long-term support for those refugees who cannot return home. This could include vocational training and education, as well as assistance with finding employment opportunities both in Sudan and abroad.

He also believes the UK should work with the Sudanese government to ensure that the country’s national policies are in line with international standards when it comes to treating refugees. This should include measures to protect refugees from violence and exploitation, and to ensure their fundamental rights and freedoms are respected.