Sunak assures Russia that “we are not leaving” and promises to help Ukraine in the long run


British chancellor Rishi Sunak has pledged long-term support for Ukraine, telling Russia “we are not going away”.

During a visit to Kiev, Sunak said Britain was committed to standing with the Ukrainian people in the face of “Russian aggression”.

He said the UK would provide additional financial support for Ukraine as part of an ongoing programme of assistance, including a new £100m package of technical assistance and £500m of loan guarantees.

Sunak urged Russia to end its attempts to destabilise Ukraine and respect the country’s sovereignty.

He said: “We are here to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to Ukraine. We are here to send a clear message to Russia that we are not going away. We are here to stand with the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian aggression.”

The UK has been a strong supporter of Ukraine since the country gained independence in 1991, and has provided financial assistance and military training to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The British government has also been vocal in its criticism of Russia’s actions in the region, particularly its annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014 and its backing of separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Sunak’s visit is part of a wider effort by the UK and its allies to strengthen Ukraine’s economic resilience and promote its political stability.