Chinese fines a comedy company $2 million for making a military joke


Chinese regulators have fined a popular comedy streaming company 2 million yuan ($301,000) for broadcasting a sketch that joked about the country’s military.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television said that the sketch broadcast on the streaming platform Bilibili “seriously violated the socialist core values and the regulations and requirements of the state for radio and television programs.”

The sketch, which aired in February, featured a man dressed in a military uniform who had difficulty finding a job after leaving the military. It was seen as poking fun at China’s military and its personnel.

The regulator said the sketch “severely undermined the image of the Chinese military” and “caused extremely bad social influence”.

The fine was the highest ever imposed on an online service in China, and serves as a warning to other streaming services in the country. The regulator has also ordered Bilibili to strengthen its internal management and supervision of content.