Erratic chicken delays the metro service in Mexico City


A chicken caused chaos on the Mexico City metro on Wednesday when it flew onto the tracks and delayed service on one of the capital’s busiest lines.

The incident occurred at the Metro Pantitlán station, where the chicken suddenly appeared and caused a stir among passengers. Metro workers were called to the scene to remove the chicken, and service was briefly suspended as they worked to capture the bird and get it off the tracks.

The incident caused delays of up to 20 minutes on the Line 12 of the metro network. According to the local transit authority, the chicken was eventually captured and removed without incident.

The incident sparked amusement among passengers and local media, with many pointing out that the errant chicken was likely to blame for the disruption. Some even joked that the chicken was seeking revenge on the subway system for the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nevertheless, the transit authority was quick to remind passengers to remain vigilant when on the metro, as animals on the tracks can cause major disruptions and delays.