Nepal: Increasing calls to look into the Maoist cantonment fraud


The calls to investigate the alleged corruption in the cantonment of Nepal’s former Maoist army have been growing in recent weeks. The corruption scandal has become a major political problem for the ruling coalition of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), which is led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The scandal involves the misappropriation of nearly Rs 20 billion ($190 million) from the cantonment fund.

The allegations against the former Maoist army have been made by a number of civil society organizations. They include allegations that the Maoists misused the cantonment funds to buy expensive land and houses, and that they diverted the funds for other purposes, such as personal use.

The scandal has resulted in a parliamentary investigation into the matter, and the government has also set up a special commission to look into the allegations. The government has also promised to take action against those found guilty of misusing the funds.

Despite these efforts, however, the calls for an independent investigation into the matter remain strong. Civil society organizations have called for an independent inquiry into the corruption, and have demanded that the government take action against those responsible. They have also asked for an independent commission to investigate the matter and prosecute the guilty.