On an Air-India flight, passengers headed for Sydney were hurt during turbulence.


At least three passengers were injured after a sudden mid-air turbulence on an Air India flight from New Delhi to Sydney. The incident occurred at approximately 11.30am IST on the AI301 flight, which had taken off from New Delhiā€™s Indira Gandhi International Airport with over 200 passengers and crew on board.

The aircraft had to encounter severe turbulence, resulting in the injuries to the passengers. The injured passengers were immediately attended to by the cabin crew, and the aircraft was diverted to Chennai for a medical emergency landing.

The injured passengers were taken to a nearby hospital in Chennai. The other passengers were taken to a hotel in Chennai and the aircraft was de-boarded.

Air India has stated that the safety of its passengers and crew is of utmost priority and all necessary steps were taken to ensure their safety. In addition, Air India has also launched an investigation to ascertain the cause of the incident.