As the deadline for Imran Khan to turn over suspects approaches, Pakistani police surround his residence.


Pakistani police have encircled the home of opposition leader Imran Khan in Islamabad as a deadline for him to hand over suspects wanted by the government approaches. The deadline is set to expire at midnight on Tuesday.

Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party are refusing to comply with the government’s demand to hand over the suspects, who are wanted in connection with a corruption scandal involving the prime minister’s family.

Khan’s house is now surrounded by police officers and the area has been blocked off from the public. Khan is refusing to budge and has called on his supporters to join him in resisting the government’s demand.

The government has said that it will take action against Khan if he fails to comply with the deadline. It is unclear what action will be taken, but Khan’s supporters fear that he could be arrested.

The standoff is the latest in a series of clashes between Khan and the government, which have been escalating in recent months. The prime minister has accused Khan of trying to destabilize the country and has threatened to take legal action against him.

The situation is now at a critical point, with the deadline rapidly