Hiroshima, Japan, is decorated for the G7 summit.


Japan’s Hiroshima has been decorated with banners and flags from around the world ahead of the G7 summit.

The banners were put up by local volunteers, and feature the flags of the seven attending countries – Japan, United States, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The banners were hung from streetlights and buildings in the city’s Peace Memorial Park, where the summit will be held.

The summit is set to take place from June 28 to 29, and will be attended by the heads of state of the countries.

In addition to the flags and banners, Hiroshima has also been decorated with colorful flowers and plants, as well as signs bearing the summit’s slogan – “Building a More Human-Centered Future”. The city has also been equipped with a welcome desk and a “G7 Hiroshima” pavilion, where visitors can learn more about the summit.

The decorations are meant to welcome the visiting heads of state, and to remind them of the tragic events that took place in the city in 1945, when it was hit by an atomic bomb. The decorations also symbolize the city’s efforts to promote peace and international cooperation.