“Someone disappears on every corner,” says the desperate search for Sudan’s missing


For many in Sudan, life has become a desperate search for the missing. In a country torn apart by civil war and political upheaval, citizens are searching for missing family members, friends, and acquaintances. From Khartoum to Darfur, it seems that on every corner someone has disappeared.

The crisis is especially acute in Darfur, where a brutal civil war has raged for nearly two decades, displacing millions and leaving hundreds of thousands dead. In Darfur, there have been reports of kidnappings, extortion, and even mass graves. But the most common reason why people disappear in Darfur is due to the conflict-driven displacement of entire communities.

In response to the crisis, Sudanese civil society organizations and activists have launched a number of initiatives to help locate the missing. In Khartoum, the government has set up a hotline for people to report missing persons. Similarly, the Darfur Bar Association has been at the forefront of efforts to search for the missing, setting up a hotline and creating a database of those who have disappeared.

While the search for the missing continues, families are left in limbo, not knowing whether their loved ones are alive or dead. For many, the only hope is that one day, the missing will be found. Until then, the desperate search continues.