After a 7.7-magnitude earthquake, New Caledonia lifts the tsunami warning.


New Caledonia has lifted a tsunami warning for the region, issued after a 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck the South Pacific on Thursday.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology and other scientific agencies had originally issued a warning for possible waves up to two metres, but New Caledonain officials have said this is no longer in effect.

The quake struck around 230 km northeast of New Caledonia’s Loyalty Islands at a depth of around 10km.

No immediate reports of damage or injuries have emerged but the risk of a tsunami did cause local authorities on the island, as well as those in neighbouring Vanuatu, to issue evacuation orders.

Earlier fears of a potential Pacific-wide tsunami have been allayed with officials saying the risk of a destructive wave passing through the region has now passed.

With the tsunami warning lifted, New Caledonians are now urged to continue to follow the advice of local authorities in assessing and responding to any possible risks.