Australian captive, Ken Elliott, 88, was let free by al-Qaeda fighters


Ken Elliott, an 88-year-old Australian missionary, was released by al-Qaeda militants after more than four years in captivity in northern Nigeria. Elliott was kidnapped in January 2015 from his home in northern Nigeria by militants from al-Qaeda affiliate Boko Haram. He had been providing medical services to the local population.

Following intense international negotiations, Elliott was released on Saturday, January 27, 2019. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that Australian officials had worked closely with Nigeria, local authorities, and international partners over the course of Elliott’s captivity. The details of the negotiation remain unknown.

Upon his release, Elliott was flown to the Nigerian capital of Abuja where he was met by Australian officials. From there, he was taken to the United States embassy in Cameroon where he met with U.S. Ambassador Peter Bodde and his wife. He is expected to undergo medical attention before returning to Australia.