Balochistan’s government expresses frustration over the financial crisis and attributes it on the Centre.


The Government of Balochistan has expressed its annoyance over the financial crisis gripping the province and has blamed the Centre for the situation.

Speaking at a press conference, the Provincial Minister for Finance Akhtar Mengal said that the Government of Balochistan was unable to meet its obligations. He said that despite repeated requests the Centre had not provided any financial assistance to Balochistan.

He also highlighted the importance of Balochistan in terms of its geographical location and resources and said that it was time the Centre took the necessary steps to resolve the financial crisis. He said that the people of the province had suffered enough and deserved better.

The Minister for Finance also demanded an increase in the share of Balochistan in the National Finance Commission (NFC) award and financial support from the Centre to resolve Balochistan’s existing financial problems.