Cash-strapped The Pakistani government wastes money on public relations.


The cash-strapped Pakistan government has been accused of squandering money on image-building efforts, instead of focusing on crucial development projects to alleviate the country’s economic woes.

Reports recently emerged claiming that over Rs7 billion have been spent on a vanity project called the “Pakistan Sanjh” or “Pakistan Morning” campaign. The project is intended to build an understanding about Pakistan in the international community.

Critics have slated the government for spending such huge sums of public money on a project that is likely to have limited success and to do nothing to benefit the country’s ailing economy.

Pakistan is currently facing its worst economic crisis in recent history. The government is under serious pressure to balance its budget and reduce its reliance on foreign loans.

Some analysts have criticized the government for channeling its resources towards vanity projects instead of trying to explore other avenues that could create much-needed employment.

The spending on image-building is being seen as an attempt to deflect attention away from the government’s blatant mismanagement of the economy.

The government may need to rethink its priorities and focus on practical projects that can bring some tangible benefits to the people of Pakistan. This includes launching new industries, creating jobs,