Conflict in Colombia about whether or not the children discovered in the woods weeks after the plane crashed


The Colombian government and authorities have been investigating and debating over the circumstance of 8 children found alive weeks after a small plane crash. The children, between the ages of 12 and 17, were found in La Libertad municipality in the jungle region in northeast Colombia 8 weeks after their plane and pilot crashed. The pilot was regarded as an educational advocate for the area’s local indigenous population.

The question that remains is whether the children are actually survivors from the plane crash or if they were living in the jungle all along. The investigations and debates have led to a variety of suggestions and theories. Some believe the children descent from the Timotee, an indigenous group in Colombia who actually live in the jungle and have adopted a nomadic lifestyle. Others are unsure because the indigenous group is particularly isolated and there has been no history of contact with them.

The government’s investigation has included DNA testing and various other methods of research to reach an official conclusion. In the meantime, tensions remain high in the area. There is also a dispute over where the children should be placed in the judicial system, specifically whether they should be treated as victims of the plane crash or if traditional indigenous laws should be applied to their situation.

It is a complex situation for all those involved – the children, their families, the government, the indigenous population, and the local community.