Disaster risk reduction is a “central public policy issue” in New York, according to the Principal Secy to the PM.


At the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, India’s Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Nripendra Misra called disaster risk reduction “a central public policy issue” and highlighted the critical need for countries to come together and take action to reduce risks of disasters.

Misra spoke about how India has undertaken risk assessments, introduced policies for managing disaster risks, and has mainstreamed disaster risk reduction into several government documents. He further said that the government has been working to reduce the human and economic costs of disasters in India. He also shared that government’s plans for improving the resilience of communities were being implemented at a rapid pace.

Misra discussed the urgency for countries to reduce disaster risks and highlighted that the effects of climate change had made the need even more pressing. He said governments needed to prepare better to “have resilience of the same proportion as global risks.” He also urged all countries to create an effective framework to reduce disaster risk, which would benefit communities around the world.