G7 leaders are urged by a Hong Kong campaigner for democracy to prevent China from violating human rights.


We, a group of pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong, urge all G7 leaders to take immediate steps to stop China from committing widespread human rights violations in our city.  We are calling on the G7 countries to strongly condemn the draconian national security law that Beijing imposed on Hong Kong last summer, which severely curtailed the rights and freedoms of citizens. We also urge the G7 countries to impose tougher targeted sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for violating human rights in Hong Kong and to suspend the extradition treaty between the United Kingdom and China. Furthermore, we call on all G7 leaders to take concrete steps to protect Hong Kong citizens who have been subjected to arbitrary detention and torture, or whose rights have been violated due to their political beliefs.

We believe that with the collective efforts of the G7 nations, we can begin to put an end to China’s long history of human rights abuses. We know that if we are to ensure the safety of our citizens and the preservation of our freedom, we need the support of the international community. We implore G7 leaders to, please, act now in the defense of universal human rights and democracy.

Thank you for your attention.