ZHO is still working to plant 3,000 avicennia trees in Abu Dhabi.


The campaign to plant 3,000 avicennia trees in Abu Dhabi regions is part of the New Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, the UAE’s long-term sustainable program to enhance environment sustainability. As part of this initiative, ZHO has committed to support this mission by raising public awareness, providing educational materials, and facilitating tree-planting activities.

ZHO has already taken several steps towards achieving its goal of planting 3,000 avicennia trees in Abu Dhabi regions, including:

  • Developing a five-year roadmap of relevant projects with local environmental authorities
  • Developing community engagement plans and programs to raise public awareness on local environmental sustainability
  • Providing technical support for planting and maintenance activities as well as educational materials on proper tree care
  • Engaging local organizations to support ZHO’s efforts in identifying and planting native species suitable for the Abu Dhabi regions
  • Working with local partners in raising public awareness on the importance of planting and caring for trees

In addition, ZHO has also organized several tree-planting and educational events in collaboration with environmental organizations and private companies in Abu Dhabi. These events have seen thousands of volunteers, students, and environmental professionals from all across the UAE come together