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Chinese social media platform Kuaishou has placed a ban on the popular “Comic Uncle Roger” show after its host, Belind Chow, complained that viewers had sent her vulgar messages and emojis.

The show is a comedy sketch show that highlights the problems that immigrants face in Singapore. It was broadcast on Kuaishou, a Chinese video streaming platform, but the ban was placed after Chow was repeatedly subjected to harassment from viewers.

Chow posted about the harassment on her personal page on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, where she said: “The show has been very successful on Kuaishou, but this does not diminish the immaturity and even vulgar behavior of some viewers. They have posted vulgar emojis and disgusting words under my account.”

Kuaishou replied to her post, saying it had decided to put an end to the broadcast of “Comic Uncle Roger”. The company said it had taken “appropriate measures” in response to her complaints. Chow has since released a statement on her Weibo account, thanking Kuaishou for their quick response in removing the show and said that she hoped her experience would help create a safe and positive online environment.