Can Air India match the record profits of Singapore Airlines?


It is unlikely that Air India could emulate the same level of success as Singapore Airlines’ in terms of profitability. Singapore Airlines has decades of expertise to back up its success while Air India is still comparatively a new entrant in comparison. Singapore Airlines is also renowned for its dedication to customer service, efficiency, luxurious amenities, and competitive fare structures, which have kept them in the forefront of the aviation industry for decades. Air India has not yet achieved that level of standard within the same period of time.

Moreover, while Air India has undertaken large-scale restructuring within the past decade, which have provided some short-term results, they have yet to put in place a sustainable long-term infrastructure to match the success seen by Singapore Airlines. Therefore, in order to emulate the same kind of success as Singapore Airlines, Air India will need to focus on establishing long-term strategies and building up its standards of customer service, fare structures, and airline amenities.