Instagram down: Thousands of users are impacted by the global outage


Instagram has experienced a global outage, with thousands of users in the US, Europe, Australia, and South America unable to access the popular photo-sharing service.

The outage appears to have begun around 9am PST (12pm EST) Wednesday and is impacting both mobile and desktop users. Instagram’s status page listed service issues for both Instagram mobile and Instagram API, which is what developers use to access the service.

Instagram has yet to release any details on what is causing the outage, but some users reported seeing an error message saying “5xx server error.” When attempting to access the site, users were met with a blank page and the error message.

The outage is affecting both posts and stories, with users unable to share either type of content and unable to view content on their news feed. It is also preventing users from logging in or accessing the Instagram website.

The outage does not appear to be affecting Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, which is functioning normally.