PM Modi addresses the G7 Summit: We must speak out against attempts to disrupt the status quo.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday warned the world leaders at the G7 Summit against any attempts to change the status quo by any country using “unilateral actions”. He also called on the world leaders to raise their voices against such attempts, and work together to maintain peace and stability in the region.

The Prime Minister said that “India stands for a rules-based international order where every nation large or small, weak or strong respects international law and norms of behaviour. Therefore, I urge all G-7 nations to raise their voice against any attempts to change the status quo by any country through unilateral actions.”

This statement from the Prime Minister is believed to be aimed at China as the neighbouring country has been making several territorial claims in the South China Sea and other areas. India has been consistently standing for a rules-based and peaceful resolution of all disputes in the region.

The G7 Summit is being held virtually this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the Prime Minister is participating as an invited guest at the Summit. Around the summit, Prime Minister Modi aim is to focus on how the world can collaborate to build a more secure, stable and sustainable world.