UN head says Bretton Woods and the Security Council need to be changed to better meet “real-world needs”


The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, has affirmed his commitment to reforming the architecture of the United Nations and its subsidiary organisations, including the Bretton Woods institutions and the Security Council, to make them better adapted to the needs and realities of the world today. He has stated that all reform proposals should thoroughly address the global challenges of human rights, development, non-proliferation, climate change, poverty, and inequality.

Guterres has proposed the introduction of a gender parity principle in all UN bodies, particularly those responsible for governance and decision-making. He has also called for streamlining the processes of the Security Council and the Bretton Woods institutions to ensure faster and fairer decision-making.

Guterres has also emphasized the need to empower regional organizations as full players in the UN’s efforts, while also calling for more resources to be devoted to preventing conflicts, and the need to make UN structures and processes more transparent and accountable to citizens and accountable to international law.

Ultimately, Guterres’s call for change is designed to ensure the UN can better protect and promote human rights, development, and peace and security for all.