Infosys introduces Topaz, a generative AI platform


Infosys, an Indian multinational IT consulting and services company, has recently unveiled its new generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform called ‘Topaz’. The platform is designed to help IT firms automate complex development tasks and generate accurate and augmented training data to train AI models.

Topaz works on multiple open source AI frameworks, including TensorFlow and Keras. It uses a generative model which learns the underlying patterns of data and then uses AI to generate synthetic variants of this data that can be used to train machine learning models. The platform also features an AI-driven automation toolkit and model explainers, which can make it easier for data scientists to create AI-based solutions. Moreover, Topaz is designed to support data privacy and governance capabilities, allowing organizations to meet their data privacy and regulatory compliance requirements.

Infosys’s Topaz platform marks an important step in the development of AI technology, as it promises to streamline and improve the development of AI-based solutions. With its deep learning capabilities, it can be used to generate augmented training data for machine learning models and automation solutions, making it easier for organizations to create more accurate and advanced AI models.