Women activists in Afghanistan demand ‘inclusion’ in social life amid Taliban violations of their rights.


In Afghanistan, the Taliban has long been accused of suppressing women’s rights, ranging from education to inclusion in the social and economic life of the country. Despite legal reforms, women still remain largely excluded from Afghanistan’s political, economic and social life.

Women activists are calling for greater inclusion of women in the public sphere in Afghanistan, emphasizing the need for more gender-sensitive policies, greater educational opportunities, and improved access to healthcare and other services. They argue that Afghanistan’s current political framework and leadership are not sufficiently inclusive of women’s rights and interests, leading to severe human rights abuses and gender-based discrimination.

They also demand increased job opportunities for women, as well as greater freedom of movement and access to higher education. In addition, they want the government to provide improved access to healthcare and other services, as well as ensure effective protection from discrimination and violence.

The Taliban still controls a large portion of Afghanistan, and continues to enforce its hardline interpretations of Islamic law. In spite of the Taliban’s active oppression of women’s rights, Afghan women are still finding ways to push for greater inclusion in the public sphere. Women’s movements are now calling for greater representation in all sectors of Afghan society, pushed by